Sex Doll

How much is a sex doll? All silicone dolls are made of silicone except for the bones, that is, a solid doll. All silicone dolls have a more realistic sex dolls shape and good softness. But the relative price is relatively high: all silicone dolls made in China are also over 2,000 dollors, those made in Japan or Europe are usually around 5,000 dollors.

Notes on Purchase

1. Don’t be impulsive

Even if the doll is beautiful like a work of art, it will be forced to submit to the current environment. Although there are more and more people who are familiar with physical dolls, they are still a relatively obscure item. First, you need to consider the storage issue. When you live with others, you need to consider how to communicate or hide.

2. Learn more about dolls

Whether it is TPE dolls or silicone sex dolls, there are some details for customers to choose, and then they will be put into production according to customers’ requirements. When you buy the doll, you need to compare the doll’s skin color, hair, eye color, skeleton and choose whether to stand or not.

3. Don’t trust the AI trick

Based on the current sex doll making technology, there is still a long way to go in intelligence. There is still more room for research and development of materials themselves, not to mention their combined application with technological products. Pronunciation, heating, etc. are currently only based on the realization of functions, of course, with these functions, the experience will be better.