Multiple benefits come from using sex dolls, whether in relationships or as a means of self-pleasure. Although men tend to be more reserved about using sex dolls, women have embraced it, proving beneficial. 

They Are Safe

BBdoll sex dolls are modeled using premium silicone. Premium silicone has the upper hand over TPE sex dolls since it is proven to cause no harm to humans. Sex dolls do not have body odor, unlike human partners, which at times might be a cause for lower sexual desire. Some people find sweat produced by their partners unpleasant, a problem not found in sex dolls.

Offer Relief to Women

 It has been proven that sex dolls help ease vaginal pain in women in their monthly cycle by a great deal. Women who have sex toys also have more sleeping hours during their menses. BBdolls cause more blood to flow to the vagina and aid in the rectification of vaginal problems.

They Offer Sex On the Go

BBdoll has sex dolls with the customizable option of a removable vagina. This allows the user to carry the vagina with them and pleasure themselves at their convenience! What’s more, is that physical space is not a hindrance to achieving an orgasm.

They Provide a Plethora of Solutions to Issues Affecting Men

There are several sexual issues affecting men that sex toys can treat. Below are four issues treatable by sex dolls.

silicone sex doll

Erectile Dysfunction

Sex dolls help to treat penile failure that is common in men. Penile failure can be treated using constriction rings which assist in holding an erection for a more extended period. Penile suction devices might also come in handy when trying to get an erection.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the elephant in the room in most men and often negatively impacts their egos. However, sex toys such as constriction rings have effectively combated premature ejaculation, thus boosting their confidence.

Low Libido

Low libido in men is caused by high levels of prolactin, low amounts of testosterone in the body, and low amounts of thyroid hormone. The libido might also be affected by any form of prescribed drugs by a doctor. Sex dolls offer an alternative of spicing up your sex life as well as helping those who have stayed for long without having sex get back to action.

Performance Anxiety

Most men tend to be anxious and nervous about their bedroom performance, a topic that is usually shunned by most due to its sensitivity. If sex dolls are used, both parties tend to achieve orgasms leaving both partners happy and building on one’s confidence. Sex dolls have proven to be effective in helping people to achieve orgasms, especially when one partner has already climaxed.

More Passion

Couples who embrace incorporating sex dolls in their bedroom lives find it easier to maintain passion and attraction for long durations. The majority of partners who claim to be satisfied with the sex from their partners often tend to use sex dolls in their bedroom activities.

Reduced Risks of Contracting Sexually Transmitted Infections

Having multiple partners potentially exposes one to sexually transmitted diseases. Silicone Sex dolls offer a safe alternative for sexual pleasure with zero chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections. Sex dolls also assist in avoiding unexpected pregnancies that most often occur in women.

Provide Mental Health Care

Single people may not be experiencing any form of intimacy, which consequently causes sorrow and gloom. The idea of loneliness often scares people worldwide. However, sex dolls are human-like and give one the impression of companionship. These dolls can serve as bed-mates at night, helping those with sleeping disorders quickly get to sleep. This consequently leads to lesser migraines and improved moods in the affected persons.

Loyal Companions

Sex doll users often claim that they provide offer intimacy in lonely times. Users tend to form a bond with their toys and are relieved and delighted to get back to their sex toys upon coming back from work at the end of the day. This bond stems from the realization that the sex dolls will be there at their time of convenience.

 Sexual Tolerance

More people are coming out and identifying as being either gay or lesbians. This, however, has been widely criticized. People tend to turn to sex dolls as they do not discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation. Both straight and gay people can also use sex dolls to provide satisfaction.

Health Benefits

Studies have repeatedly proved that sex dolls often reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men who are sexually active either by sex toys or a physical partner. Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death in men. Other health benefits associated with the use of sex toys include stabilized blood pressure and increased immunity.


Sex dolls have generally impacted our lives in a good way in the various ways discussed in this article. They have a wide variety of advantages compared to the almost non-existent disadvantages. Doctors and sex therapists recommend including sex toys in your bedroom lives.