Big Booty Sex Dolls

Do men really like big booty sex dolls?

A group of American researchers recruited 300 male subjects. The researchers showed the subjects some photos of the female curves, which did not show the appearance and wearing of the female, but showed the difference in the body curve. So, what is the result of the research about big booty sex dolls or fit booty sex dolls?

Studies have shown that men do prefer women with a sexy curve, but not as big as possible.

In fact, what works here is the angle between the female back and the hips. No matter how big the female’s buttocks are, as long as her hips are at a 45-degree angle to the waist, this figure looks the most fascinating.

Why is the curve of 45 degree angle bubble butt sex doll more favored by men?

Researchers say that this goes back to the ancestors of humanity, which is related to ethnic continuity and evolution.For women with a 45-degree angle, the spine will have a certain angle of backward bending. This angle of the spine can help women to withstand weight during pregnancy, be more flexible, and reduce back pain.Such analysis and interpretation show sexual choices in human evolution.

In fact, the so-called sexy and beautiful body curve is produced because it can help us better breed future generations.That is to say, women with such body curves will pass on their own body curve genes to their daughters. Because of their higher proportion of successful pregnancy and production, such genes can be more retained and developed. At the same time, these women passed on the gene that their husband likes big booty women to their sons. Therefore, after a long process of evolution, men generally like big ass sex doll.

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