Curvy Sex Dolls

Here you can find a huge selection of our curvy sex dolls. Choose from a chunky sex doll to satisfy your wild sexual fantasies and desires.

If you’re into the thickest things in life, a curvy sex doll might be just what you’re looking for. Whether you’re tired of searching for love or you just want a little no-strings and no-commitment side action with a hefty helping of curves. BBDoll curvy sex doll selection has everything you need. Let us introduce you to the powerful proportions of Josephine. Or, maybe you’d like to meet Doris, with her soft features and subtly seductive qualities. Large breasts, plump tushes, tantalizing tummies…whatever you crave, our curvy sex dolls can provide. Plus, shipping is always free and discreet, so you never have to worry about nosy neighbors. Browse our full (figured) curvy sex doll collection from best sex doll brands now!

Curvy Sex Dolls for the Curvy Chaser In Us All

Let’s face it: if you’re here, there’s a good chance a skinny sex doll just won’t cut it. You favor something thicker and juicier — with a little more cushion for the pushin.’ You don’t need no waiflike supermodel type. You want a curvy sex doll, and we’re all for it. After all, they say fat-bottom girls make the rockin’ world go ’round, and the realistic chubby sex dolls from BBDoll are sure to rock your world. Whether it’s big boobs, thick thighs, big booties, round hips or bodacious bellies that tickle your fancy, you’re sure to find a sex doll that is ready to please.

Customize a curvy Sex Doll to Fulfill your Biggest Desires

When you buy a fat sex doll from BBDoll, you can customize it to your heart’s content. We offer tons of sensually satisfying customization options, including hair, skin tone, face, nails and even makeup. Want to tweak the ass, boobs or vagina? You can do that too, ensuring that your beautiful curvy love doll is just right for you. Prefer your plump plaything to have a bit of bush? You can select from different pubic hair styles, as well. With so many choices available, you can finally have a curvy love doll that satisfies all of your fantasies.

Curved Pleasure

Curvy Sex Dolls, In All The Right Ways.

Over recent years, it’s become increasingly acceptable, and desirable, to be a bit curvy in all the right ways. These posable sex dolls reflect that; they’re Curvy in the breast, behind, or a mix of both crafted exactly to individual preferences. This selection of voluptuous dolls boasts an assortment of enhanced or curved features.  With various options emphasizing and complementing their individual curves and slopes, these dolls are sure to please the size favoring, prospective owner. Day or night, these perfectly moulded figures readily show off their sizable features. Whether the desire lies within breast or bottom endowment, there’s a doll to satisfy the need.

Pleasanity Plump

Many Dolls Have Exquisitely Large Bottoms.

All dolls are handcrafted to each and every order, and are highly customizable. There’s more to these girls than their pleasantly plump areas. Several aspects of each doll can be moulded to preferential perfection. First and foremost, customers need to find the right base model for them. Some aspiring doll owners may be needing a doll more robust in the breasts. There are dolls available in modest to the most in terms cup sizes. There’s a set and model made just right for just about everyone. Of course, not everyone is focused on what’s above. Several dolls feature larger, tremendously sized hips and waists. As is becoming ever more attractive, many dolls have exquisitely large bottoms.

Custom Made

From Modestly Supple, To Incredible Endowed.

From modestly supple, to incredibly endowed, the lower ends of several dolls offer the utmost appeal and pleasure. There’s larger, smaller, in breast and hip, in about every variety imaginable. After deciding on the right girl, customers can customize them to their hearts’ content. Many models can be customized in an array of ways. Heating systems can also be installed, to provide a lifelike, warming sensation and experience. Depending on the brand, larger sex dolls may come moulded from either TPE or silicone. Future doll owners will be hard pressed to be disappointed with these curvy, lifelike models. With these several options available, the dream curvy love doll is clicks away.

BBDoll Promise

Premium Luxury Real Life Sex Doll! Medical-Grade, Non-Toxic & Phthalate-Free Materials. Metal skeleton and movable joints for many positions.

Customize Your Sexy Sex Doll Options: such as hairstyle, skin color, eye color, pubic hair, vagina type and many more. If you want her to look like the pictures, just leave it as default, that’s it!

Love Dolls Look 100% Like The Photos! The sexy real sex doll comes with hand-painted make-up and hairstyling that make them look like the one of your dream.

Dedicated Inspection Team! We visually inspect every single real sex doll from head to toe before we give our approval for her to come home to you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Your real doll ships only when you have seen and approved the completed doll pictures.

Discreet Package & Discreet Billing! Order information is encrypted. Confidential parcel shipment. No product details on the parcel, just as a mysterious gift.

Free Fast Shipping Worldwide! With DHL, UPS, FedEx, and special express delivery channels, it will be fast, stable, safe to arrive at your door.


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