Female sex dolls take up 99% of sex dolls in the market and are loved by men. Since men are more interested in sex, female silicone sex dolls are much popular in the market.

BBdoll has more than 40 kinds of female silicone sex dolls now. If you are looking for the best silicone sex doll you will find the right one at BBdoll.

Our Female silicone sex dolls are made with implanted hair and eyebrow which makes the look of the doll very beautiful, attractive, and real. 5-layer makeup applied on the silicone sex dolls make our sex doll looks real and attractive.

We soften our sex doll’s breast,butt and vagina,the elastic layers give more realistic feeling and pleasure.

Having 43 flexible joints,our sex doll can do almost all postures that as you need and desire,giving you pleasure sexual experiences.


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