Japanese Sex Dolls

1. Smaller in size

The Japanese silicone sex dolls are quite smaller in size compared to those produced in Europe. Many men like women who are smaller in nature because they want to be able to feel like they can protect the lady who is weaker. This is what makes the size of Japanese sex dolls stand out. The size also makes the doll more flexible and portable allowing it to be moved into any sex position desired easily.

2. The beautiful face

One thing that is certain is that the Japanese do know how to make art from everything they touch. The silicone sex doll is no different and comes with a beautiful looking face. The beautiful and captivating eyes, the lips are all appealing. It is a masterpiece.

3. They look and feel real

The texture of the Japanese doll is made as closely as possible to That of human skin. This makes buying them more ideal because it feels like you are actually in contact with human skin. When you caress the skin, you can hardly tell the difference between it and that of a normal lady. Also, the dolls also look very real and this could help with the thought process. Instead of seeing them as just toys, they look almost as real as human beings and this helps the mind of the owner to open up to the doll and accept that the Japanese sex doll is more than just an object but a companion.

4. To avoid heartache

Many men have complained about how much women are too demanding. This is why there are issues and heartaches in many relationships. These Asian Japanese sex dolls do not have the capacity to stress the owner out as it would normally be in a normal relationship. Despite how crazy that sounds, a lot of men use this as a coping mechanism to relationship issues. The choice of a doll over a human partner might not be a bad option.

5. They are house wives

The sex doll will always be at home always for as long as you want them to be. Most Japanese women are housewives who stay home and take care of their families. Many men are known to prefer a woman who would stay home and take care of their homes for them for reasons such as jealousy that they would see other men, time for their children etc. for this reason, men prefer Japanese sex dolls so they would feel like they have fulfilled the dream of getting a housewife to take care of the home and not make them insecure.

6. More practice in erotic and raunchy

With the silicone sex dolls, you do not only get the opportunity to use your imagination; you now get the chance to practice and live out your erotic and raunchy imaginations with your new companion. You get the opportunity to perform any of the sex positions seen in the videos with these dolls. Be prepared though; you might fall in love.


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