BBdoll pursues the most lifelike silicone dolls of all time. This is why we gave up on TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) and only focused on silicone sex dolls.

Silicone is mainly used in our products because Silicone has absolutely no odour, TPE will more or less smell of gum or added fragrance. If it smells very fragrant, it is recommended not to start, because there are cases of reaction to fragrance allergy and Physical dolls have very high requirements on wear resistance and deformability, so silicone materials are more suitable for dolls.

  • The lifelike Silicone sex doll looks very realistic with the implanted hair and also consists of 5 layers of makeup and realistic vein which make the doll more attractive. As we can say that the doll is more realistic and beautiful.
  • Silicone is little harder than TPE material which is good for the body structure and after not using the TPE material the structure of the doll is more improved and it look more attractive
  • With the presence of an articulated skeleton the doll hand can do more action. The articulated skeleton has made the doll more attractive with the hand moments.
  • Our silicone sex doll has 43 joints on the body which make the doll capable of making more action. With this, all features the doll is more like a beautiful lady. The sex doll looks amazing and realistic and it can uplift your sex desire but not only once or twice it can uplift your sex desire all the time you want and anywhere you want if you carry it.
  • The Lifelike Silicone sex doll has a fantastic finishing touch and we can assure you that it will give you one of the best sexual satisfaction and you will get the best sex experience.


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