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Comparison chart of various heights

145cm Bodies can’t install Fingers articulated skeletons and removable vaginas.

All the silicone sex dolls we produce are made of premium platinum silicone material. It will be more durable and more realistic, and more beautiful than TPE dolls.

Taking advantage of the excellent properties of silicone through years of research by our craftsmen. It has a realistic finish, including human skin, blood, blood vessels, and skin wrinkles.

Through breakthroughs in technology, we have been able to improve production efficiency while achieving a high level of manufacturing, and have succeeded in realizing an amazing level of realism at a low price.

Every Realistic Silicone Sex Doll has a real-looking and feeling Vagina. Sex with a Real Sex Doll from lets you forget that she is only a Doll. All dolls come with implanted eyelashes and implanted eyebrows as default.  




And all of our dolls are gel breasts. Also, for buttocks and private parts we do 3 times softer processes so that the touch is closer to the real experience!

The weight that most people care about, we make it 30% weight loss, which is a great technology, even lighter than the same height TPE dolls! 

Our silicone dolls have almost no oil, the same is no smell, that is to say, buy silicone dolls you will spend less time maintaining them!


Premium Silicone Sex Dolls For Affordable Prices

Our philosophy is quite simple, is about 4 things:

1. Authentic and Quality Sex Dolls from a reputable manufacturer.

2. Affordable Prices without sacrificing product quality.

3. Trusted and Secure payments and shipping.

4. No extra fees(No shipping, no duties costs)

Shipping Information

  • Free International Air Shipping(UPS, DHL.).
  • Discreet Premium Packaging – the box is completely plain and unlabeled.
  • The doll requires 2 weeks processing time + 1 week for shipping = 3 weeks total delivery time (estimated).

Package Including:

-The silicone sex doll has been styled with hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories for photo display.

Our dolls come with the following things: 1*flusher, 1*comb, 1* M16 stainless steel screws, 1*non-woven bag, 1*high-grade protective cardboard box for dolls, 1*self-sealing bag, 1*random sexy Lingerie (different from the one pictures).

Clothes are for photo purposes only and are not included.

*Single Body Model is C32 with a 160cm F Cup.

Silicone Sex Doll Single Body 145cm-168cm 18-33kg 4ft8-5ft5 B-H Cup torsos

SKU :C-Body


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Customize Your Doll

Size Chart Visit Here
Natural +
Light Tan +
Tan +
Dark Brown +
Light Brown +
Light Pink +
Pink +
Highly recommend hard hand, protection against puncture.
Soft (Wire Skeleton) +
Hard +
Warning: Doll 145cm cannot install removable vagina.
Build-in +
Removable +
None +
Pubic Hair +
5.5inch (14cm) +
6.7inch (17cm) +
Specially hardened, can stand for a long time and without nails like human feet.
No Standing (E.g.) +
Standing (E.g.) +
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Sex Doll Size Chart

Best seller silicone sex doll

sex doll size chart

Why Choose BBdoll?

Safe & Harmless

All sex dolls from BBdoll are made of Premium Silicone, which is the Food grade silicone and same material as silicone pacifier for babies and kitchen spoon, so it is safe to kiss our silicone sex doll.

Best seller silicone sex doll 新 雅儿改英文 05 新 雅儿改英文 06 新 雅儿改英文 07 新 雅儿改英文 08 新 雅儿改英文 09 新 雅儿改英文 10 新 雅儿改英文 11 新 雅儿改英文 12 新 雅儿改英文 13 新 雅儿改英文 14 新 雅儿改英文 15

Realistic Pussy

sex doll pussy like real

Silicone Sex Doll Vagina, Pleasant & Satisfied

sex doll vagina structure

新 雅儿改英文 16 新 雅儿改英文 17 新 雅儿改英文 18 新 雅儿改英文 19 新 雅儿改英文 20 新 雅儿改英文 21

新 雅儿改英文 30 新 雅儿改英文 31 新 雅儿改英文 32


Easy to Maintain

Many people complain that TPE sex doll separate much oil out, which is smelly and also hard to maintain. There is no such problem for Our silicone sex dolls. Very little oil or even no oil separate out from our silicone sex dolls, it is easy to maintain.


Transplant Hair

The hair of our silicone sex dolls are transplanted one strand by one strand to make it most realistic as human’s hair. You never encounter the embarrassment of wig falling off the doll’s head.


Most Realistic Sex Doll

Our silicone sex doll has been made multi-layer makeup, you even can see the Skin texture and blood vessels on our silicone sex doll,give the most realistic feeling.


CE Certification & Quality Guarantee


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