• Product Name: Silicone Sex Doll
  • Material: Premium Silicone
  • Height: 5′1″/155cm
  • Breast: C-Cup
  • Weight: 24kg/ 66lbs (Size Chart about our dolls visit here)
  • Vaginal and anal capabilities(When select removable vagina, the doll under 155cm height don’t have anal function).
  • 43 movable joints for lots of amazing sex positions.
  • Free gifts: 1 x pair of gloves, 1 x cleaning pot, 1 x comb, 1 x sexy lingerie.


Lolita Silicone Sex Doll

Her prototype comes from the famous movie “Lolita”.

In 1947, mainly because Humbert(Jeremy Irons) is sexually attracted to Charlotte’s 14-year-old daughter Dolores (Dominique Swain), also called “Lo”, who he sees while touring the house. Obsessed from boyhood with young ladies of approximately her age group (whom he phone calls “nymphets”),

Charlotte finds Humbert’s key diary and discovers his preference for her behalf daughter. Furious, Charlotte operates out of the house, when she actually is struck by a car and killed, charlotte’s loss of life frees Humbert to pursue a romantic and sexual romantic relationship with Lo, Humbert and Lo after that travel the country, staying in different motels before eventually settling in the college city of Beardsley, where Humbert requires a teaching work and Lo starts attending Beardsley Prep School, an all-girls Catholic college. He presents his relationship with Lo to the world as a father and daughter. As time passes, fuels a continuous tension that leads to a fight between them. Who offers been pursuing Lo because the start of the pair’s travels. And Humbert’s search for them is unsuccessful, especially as he doesn’t understand Quilty’s name.

Three years later, Humbert appointments Lo, who is now married and pregnant. Her hubby, Richard, Humbert asks her to run away with him, he relents and gives her a substantial amount of cash. His home in Parkington, Quilty abandoned her after she refused to maintain one of is own films.

After his visit with Lo, Humbert tracks down Quilty and murders him. After becoming chased by the police, Humbert is arrested and delivered to prison. He dies in prison in November 1950 due to a coronary thrombosis, and Lo dies another month on Christmas Day time from childbirth complications.

Movies come from reality, fresh meat is always the preference of men. Her perfect face, her young perky breasts, and a tight, mouthwatering body. There’s a good reason Lolita new sex doll is so popular. She is just waiting for you to show her the secret of love, the mysterious body waiting for you to explore and tailor them to your deepest desires. Whether you like things skinny or mini or want to indulge your youthful fantasies, we’ve got all the teen sex dolls to drive you crazy. But they won’t just wait — these teenage realistic sex dolls are ready for action!

Our teen sex dolls bring to life just about any fantasy you can dream up. A teen sex doll evokes the image of youth and curiosity all bundled into a body type that celebrates these years like no other. Our teen love dolls are built on a fully posable skeleton frame with silicone polymer skin that feels as close to the real thing as science can allow. Choose from a fiery redhead, a demure brunette, or a blonde California dream combined with a vast assortment of skin tones, body types, and sculpts to make our teen love dolls your own. Remember to check our cheap sex doll collection as well.

We spend a lot of time perfecting our Silicone Sex Dolls. We always produce the best quality silicone sex dolls for our customers. Don’t be hesitant, it’s the most cost-effort silicone sex doll, build your dream girl with BBdoll!

New Upgrade 2023 Tiny Size Real Love Sex Doll-155C

SKU :C35-155C-1

(1 customer review)


25% Off

Customize Your Doll

Size Chart Visit Here
Natural +
Tan +
Highly recommend implanted hair, has the most realistic features.
Implanted Hair +
Wig +
Black +
Brown +
Blue +
Green +
Dark Brown +
Light Brown +
Light Pink +
Pink +
Highly recommend hard hand, protection against puncture.
Soft (Wire Skeleton) +
Hard +
Build-in +
None +
5.5inch (14cm) +
6.7inch (17cm) +
Specially hardened, can stand for a long time and without nails like human feet.
No Standing (E.g.) +
Standing (E.g.) +
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Sex Doll Size Chart

Best seller silicone sex doll

sex doll size chart

Why Choose BBdoll?

Safe & Harmless

All sex dolls from BBdoll are made of Premium Silicone, which is the Food grade silicone and same material as silicone pacifier for babies and kitchen spoon, so it is safe to kiss our silicone sex doll.

Best seller silicone sex doll 新 雅儿改英文 05 新 雅儿改英文 06 新 雅儿改英文 07 新 雅儿改英文 08 新 雅儿改英文 09 新 雅儿改英文 10 新 雅儿改英文 11 新 雅儿改英文 12 新 雅儿改英文 13 新 雅儿改英文 14 新 雅儿改英文 15

Realistic Pussy

sex doll pussy like real

Silicone Sex Doll Vagina, Pleasant & Satisfied

sex doll vagina structure

新 雅儿改英文 16 新 雅儿改英文 17 新 雅儿改英文 18 新 雅儿改英文 19 新 雅儿改英文 20 新 雅儿改英文 21

新 雅儿改英文 30 新 雅儿改英文 31 新 雅儿改英文 32


Easy to Maintain

Many people complain that TPE sex doll separate much oil out, which is smelly and also hard to maintain. There is no such problem for Our silicone sex dolls. Very little oil or even no oil separate out from our silicone sex dolls, it is easy to maintain.


Transplant Hair

The hair of our silicone sex dolls are transplanted one strand by one strand to make it most realistic as human’s hair. You never encounter the embarrassment of wig falling off the doll’s head.


Most Realistic Sex Doll

Our silicone sex doll has been made multi-layer makeup, you even can see the Skin texture and blood vessels on our silicone sex doll,give the most realistic feeling.


CE Certification & Quality Guarantee


Customer Reviews (5.00)

(1 customer review)

1 review for New Upgrade 2023 Tiny Size Real Love Sex Doll-155C

  1. arkham71writes
    April 28, 2023
    A beautiful addition to my household
    I am still blown away by the realism of my recently received doll. So very lifelike! Her eyes just seem to draw you in when you look into them. To quo...More
    I am still blown away by the realism of my recently received doll. So very lifelike! Her eyes just seem to draw you in when you look into them. To quote another person on The Doll Forum, she has presence, she has soul.
    Reply from Sarah:
    Dear Customer,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review of our Silicone sex dolls! We're thrilled to hear that you had a positive experience with us and that our dolls met your expectations.

    At BBdoll, we strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and your feedback is a valuable tool in helping us achieve that goal. We appreciate your kind words and are grateful for your support.

    If there's anything else we can do to make your experience even better, please don't hesitate to let us know. We're always here to help!

    Thanks again for choosing BBdoll. We look forward to serving you again soon! :)
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