30+ Silicone Sex Doll Heads for Choice

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30+ Kinds of silicone sex doll head for choice,it is an economical plan to have one body and more sex doll heads.Our head connection part is standard,matches most of the sex doll bodies.

If you already have sex doll , our sex doll heads give more choice to enjoy different styles of ladies. If you are first time come to us, you can test our product quality by checking our doll head.

  • Material: Premium Silicone not TPE
  • 30+ kinds of heads for choice
  • Implanted hair not Wig
  • Implanted Eyebrow not draw
  • Lifelike eyes not simple one
  • 4-layer Make up,give most realistic looks
  • General size meets most of sex doll body in the market
  • One body + More heads, the most economical plan
  • Processing Time: 20-25 days
  • Shipping Time: 7-10 days
  • Free Shipping Worldwide, For more click here
  • We support 7 days return and refund service
  • For more information click here

Why Choose BBdoll?

Safe & Harmless

All sex dolls from BBdoll are made of Premium Silicone, which is the Food grade silicone and same material as baby’s nipple and kitchen spoon, so it is safe to kiss our silicone sex doll.
TPE is extracted from petroleum, it is chemical product, harm to human,so it is not safe to kiss TPE sex doll. More than 95% of sex doll in the market are made of TPE, which is cheap but harm to health.

Easy to Maintain

Many people complain that TPE sex doll separate much oil out, which is smelly and also hard to maintain. There is no such problem for Our silicone sex doll. Very little oil or even no oil separate out from our silicone sex dolls, it is easy to maintain.

Transplant Hair

The hair of our silicone sex doll are transplanted one strand by one strand to make it most realistic as human’s hair. You never encounter the embarrassment of wig falling off the doll’s head.

Most Realistic Sex Doll

Our silicone sex doll has been made multi-layer makeup, you even can see the Skin texture and blood vessels on our silicone sex doll,give the most realistic feeling.

Customize Your Doll


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