Sex doll with vs. without stand function

When purchasing your sex doll, you can choose whether you want your lover to have a standing function or not. Which option is right for you depends on what you want to use your TPE or silicone doll for. Here you will learn what the different feet mean to you, so that you too can now choose the right option for you.

Sex doll with standing function

A sex doll with a standing function initially has three metal screw heads in the slightly protruding sole of the foot. They serve to absorb weight and protect the feet from damage. But that has a lot of problems: Ugly and unreal, and the three metal screw heads poking through socks and shoes.

Feet without screw heads

That’s why BBdoll/CST developed Screwless Feet for Silicone Sex Doll, and her feet are so beautiful in case they can easily fit real shoes like high heels and stockings. Also, you don’t have to worry about them breaking. It’s the best foot fetish sex dolls.

So you can put them down without any problems. However, the feet do not ensure that your love doll can stand freely. Our sex dolls do not have a sense of balance and you have to balance them yourself or support them with objects. Make sure you stand securely, because if it falls over, it could be damaged.

If you want to buy the sex doll as a standing function, the inner steel skeleton of the sex doll is set a little tighter. This is to ensure that the weight of the sex doll is evenly distributed and that it does not change positions unintentionally. Your flexibility does not limit itself, it is just a little harder to move.

So if you want your Love Doll to be able to stand up, simply select the “Standing function” option in our configurator.

Sex Doll without stand function

A sex doll without a standing function has completely natural soft feet without metal plates in the soles.

However, if you put your sex doll on its feet without a stand function, the metal plate of the ankle can drill through each other’s feet and damage your love doll. We think the stand function is very useful to prevent damage and give you more uses of this sex doll.

You want a love doll stand function? You can also easily select this option with our configurator, and your silicone doll will not have any additional metal pins in the sole of the foot.

sex doll prefect foot

Flawless feet of a realdoll best foot fetish sex

We want to enable everyone to pursue their sexuality and personal passions. Even foot fetishes are never a rarity anymore. The feet of our real dolls with standing function are so real and natural that they are just right for foot fetishists. Not only do they look deceptively right, but they also feel like one about each other. The toes also let each other move.

Our sex doll offers you the opportunity to worship her flawless feet. They offer you ultimate pleasure and don’t reject your fetish, instead they allow you to live it out.