We can still fix the stains on your realistic sex dolls

Have you ever had such a problem, why do they dye your sex doll in dark clothes? How do we get rid of these stains and keep your sex doll in good performance? You can learn how to quickly remove the staining problem from silicone sex dolls through the following content.

Why does new sex doll’s skin suck the stain?

Whether it is TPE or silicone, in order to simulate the complex skin structure and make elasticity and touch closer, manufacturers have mixed a lot of oily substances in the material. For example, various mineral oils and catalysts are added in large quantities in TPE; there are also various dimethyl silicone oils and platinum catalysts in silicone.

These oily substances are always present in the silicone skin and remain fluid in these pores, so they can also be evaporated, so try to avoid sun exposure.

And these oily substances will absorb the color of the clothes, suck them down, and penetrate into the TPE or silicone skin.

What can we do to get rid of staining on silicone sex dolls?

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  1. If the silicone sex doll has a small area of skin staining…When the staining is not so severe just on the surface, we suggest apply with makeup remove oil to remove it, it’s don’t corrosive to the doll;
  2. If the silicone sex doll has a large area of skin staining…So when the staining is severe into very dark meat, we recommend smearing the stained area with olive oil and then covering it with plastic wrap 1-2 times a day, there is a chance that it will subside in 5-15 days;
  3. Repeat again and again, after a period of time, the color will slowly fade until it disappears.

The most efficient way to remove color stains from sex dolls

The most efficient way to remove stained sex dolls
  1. That’s right, here is the most effective and fastest way to get rid of clothes stained skin on sex dolls! Just use baking soda toothpaste, the one used in the picture is from brand Arm & Hammer ADVANCE WHITE toothpaste!
  2. He got rid of the sex doll staining after 4 smears with toothpaste, each covering about 3 hours with a thickness of about 1mm. Rinse with clean water every time, apply toothpaste again and wait for 3 hours, this cycle repeats.
  3. You will see the stain on the sex doll slowly disappearing! Our customer took 4 times 3 hours to get rid of staining in 12 hours. It’s really amazing, you can see the doll in the picture has been completely restored.

Many thanks to our customer Yoram, who provide for such effective methods and pictures!

Why is TPE sex doll easier to dye than silicone sex doll?


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  1. Because 80% of the material of TPE Sex Doll is composed of mineral oil, it is more easily stained with dust and more easily dyed;
  1. The silicone sex doll is catalyzed by safe materials such as dimethyl silicone oil, vinyl silicone oil and liquid platinum silicone, so it produces less oil, has no peculiar smell, and is more suitable for intimate contact with the human body.

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