Silicone sex dolls are in demand these days. As technology is increasing, companies are creating realistic love dolls to fulfil your sexual desires. The best thing about the silicone love dolls is that you can pretty much use them in any sex position and at any time to satisfy yourself.


Also, you can pick the new sex doll according to your choice. For example, you can opt for a sex doll according to body type, breast size, body colour, or body shape. Investing in a sex doll is like the world’s most pleasurable choose-your-own-adventure journey. But, if you want to use your silicone beauty for years, then you need to use her with care.


Following are some mistakes that may damage your sex doll:

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#1 You Wash Sex Dolls With Harsh Products


Proper hygiene and storage of silicone sex dolls are important to use for a long time. But, when you clean your doll, make sure not to use warm water or harsh products on her skin. Using chemical shampoos or soap to clean the sex doll may damage her silicone or TPE skin. It is because the chemicals in those products penetrate deep into the skin of sex dolls and deteriorate it.


#2 You Don’t Use The Right Lube


Sometimes you need to use the lube to enjoy sex with your love doll. But, using the wrong lube can fade her skin or can cause complete damage to the sex doll over time. Make sure you use water based lube on silicone sex dolls instead of gel-based lube. Also, try to avoid using lube every day as it is also not good for the sexy skin of your love doll.


#3 Immerse The Sex Doll In Warm Water


Wet sex dolls can get torn and suffer damage. That is why you should not put your doll in water, especially in warm water. If you want to clean the love doll, use a soft cloth and clean her with lukewarm water only. Also, do not give her a bath every day, but once or twice a month is enough.


#4 Rough Sex Is Fun, But It Can Damage A Sex Doll


It is true that you can use the silicone sex doll in any position, but having rough sex every day can damage her. Make sure you handle her with care whenever you are using the sex doll to satisfy your needs. Kiss her and touch her with the same feel as you were doing with a real woman in your life.


#5 Squeezing Hollow Breast With More Force


The sex doll breasts come in three main types: hollow, gel-filled, and solid. When you have a sex doll with solid breasts, you can squeeze in up to some limit, and it will not get damaged. But, when you buy a silicone sex doll with a hollow breast, you should not squeeze her boobs hardly. By doing so, the breast will get damaged, and the sex doll will not look attractive anymore.


#6 Not A Habit To Clean Dolls After Use


When you do not clean your sex doll after use, it can damage the sex doll. This is because the bacteria will start growing on the love doll, and it will damage her skin. Also, with time, the silicone sex doll wig will get damaged due to tangles. So, it is very important to clean the sex doll after use.


Now, the question arises of how to clean the love doll. Well, for this, you will need mild soap, lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Never use harsh chemicals on sex dolls. After cleaning the doll, store it in a safe place in the right position.


#7 Using Poor-Quality Makeup On A Sex Doll


Some people love to do makeup on sex dolls to make them look more sexy and beautiful. Make sure you use the only best quality and organic makeup on the skin of a silicone sex doll. Also, clean the makeup with a wet cloth after using the love doll. If you use poor-quality makeup, it will damage the face of the sex doll.


What are the Benefits of Using  Sex Dolls in the Right Way


Men and women both use sex dolls for having fun in their life. Also, men use sexy silicone beauty to live their wildest fantasies. Buying or having a sex doll is not a sin, but it is beneficial in many ways.


Felling happy when sharing a bed with a dream woman


Every man has unique desires for sex and a dream woman. If you think about a woman that doesn’t exist, you can get a custom sex doll. Starting from her hair to toe, you can customize everything according to your dream lady. Realistic silicone sex dolls are available in countless body type options.


You can choose the eye colour, breast size, vagina type, and more according to your desire. So, when you share a bed with the lady of your dreams, you will feel happy and stress-free. Plus, you can enjoy sex with her at any time as she will never say no to you.


Sex dolls feel real


When you shop for silicone sex dolls from trusted sites like, you get a realistic love doll. The hands, face, hair, and skin everything feels real similar to humans. It means you won’t feel any difference when enjoying sex with a love doll.


The sexy orifices of sex dolls have been designed to replicate real ones, and their boobs bounce similar to those of a young woman. So, when you have sex with a silicone lady, you feel like having sex with a real woman.


STD Protection


By using sex dolls, you can stay protected against STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). Though many types of STDs are treatable, you may still get serious health problems with them. But with a sex doll, this STD cannot happen to you.


Final Words


If you want to use the realistic sex dolls for years, then you need to handle her with care. If you do not clean or store the sex doll properly, she will get damaged and will no longer serve you in bed. So, buy the high-quality silicone sex doll and live your fantasies without damaging her.