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Variety is the spice of life, especially when selecting wigs for your realistic sex doll. You’ll use your life-size sex doll a lot, but you’ll become weary of seeing her in the same wig, haircut, and vagina after a while.


You’d want to alter the appearance of your realistic sex doll. So, we’ve put up a comprehensive guide to sex doll wigs that will assist you in selecting the proper wigs for your sex doll and cleaning, combing, and securing their attachment.


With a sex doll wig, you can give your realistic sex doll a completely different look and haircut. Longer styles that are simple to brush and wear and styles fashioned up, down, pigtails, and so on will benefit classic elegant looks. Wigs with shorter hairs will give your doll a more youthful look while also being easier to keep tangle-free.


How To Change The Wig Of A Realistic Sex Doll?


Standard wigs are custom-fitted to the doll’s head size and stay in place during most activities. It’s the most straightforward and practical technique for realistic silicone sex doll owners.


Wig caps of proper size and bobby pins would be purchased from a beauty store by more serious and experienced sex doll owners. You need to place the wig cap on the doll’s head and the wig on top of it. You can use the four baby pins in the front, back, and sides to connect the wig to the wig cap.


  • Tips for Putting a Wig on a Sex Doll
  1. Avoid using adhesives and glues since they are difficult to remove and might harm the scalp and skin of your sex doll.
  2. You should avoid tight elastics and straps since they might leave permanent imprints on your TPE sex doll’s sensitive skin if worn for too long.
  3. Dark-colored wig caps, especially plain-colored ones, might leave a stain on the skin of your realistic sex doll.


How To Brush The Wig Of A Realistic Sex Doll?


Brush your realistic sex doll’s wig regularly to keep tangles and knots clear. Remove the wig and dampen the hair with a drop of water to give your realistic sex doll long flowing locks instead of a tangled nest of hair.


Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up with each stroke, removing knots. Don’t yank the brush into knots; instead, ease them apart with your fingers before brushing softly. During the procedure, you might expect to lose some hair.


How To Clean The Wig Of A Realistic Sex doll?


You can wash the wig of your realistic sex doll once after carefully brushing it. Synthetic wigs don’t accumulate as much oil as natural ones, but they do gather dust. Therefore they should be washed and cleaned frequently.


Fill a sink or washbasin halfway with lukewarm water, take the wig off your sex doll, and wash well with light shampoo and conditioner. The water should be deep enough for the wig to be completely submerged.


You should add only a modest amount of shampoo to the water; do not overdo it. Slowly immerse the wig in the water after swooshing it slightly to make it soapy. If you squish around the wig too much, you’ll wind up with additional knots in your sex doll’s wig.


Allow the wig to soak for a few minutes before removing it from the soapy water and rinsing it under fresh, clean water, ringing off any excess water and drying naturally.


You might wish to put the wig on a wig stand to make the process easier and faster. Once the hairs have dried, gently comb them from the bottom to the top, starting at the bottom and gradually working your way up.


Doing so will save you from pushing the comb through any knots or removing the hairs from the wig. Now give it the last brush and hang it in a shady, dry location to finish drying.


Buy Custom-made Wigs For Your Realistic Sex Doll


Even with the utmost care, you may have to replace your realistic sex doll’s wigs since they exceed the wig’s lifespan. Some sex doll owners keep a collection of wigs for their new companion, not as a replacement, but to give it a unique appearance for different moods and seasons.


At BBdoll, we offer a variety of wig options in the following colors and sizes to help you change the look of your realistic sex doll:


  • Long straight black wig
  • Short curly blonde wig
  • Long light yellow curly wig
  • Short black wig
  • Wig with long blonde and pink curls
  • Straight grey wig with a long length
  • A long silvery-white wig and more
  • Dark brown curly wig
  • Grey long wig
  • Long curly blonde wig
  • Long aqua blue wig
  • Short curly wig
  • Black curly wig
  • Red curly wig

Your choice of sex doll wig will significantly influence her appearance and overall impression. It’s a good idea to have many wigs on hand for your lifelike sex doll so she can adjust to your mood. Replace the old wig with a fresh one by snapping it out. It’s that easy, and you won’t even need a tool.


It’s that simple, and you won’t even require a tool. If you have a detachable sex doll vagina, this simplicity of changing applies to it. As needed, you can adjust the size and tightness. To get a different experience every day, customize your dolls with hair, genitalia, and clothing.


What better way to change your sex doll’s look than having a blonde during the week and a brunette on the weekends, or vice versa! It would be a treat to wake up every day feeling different and like a new girl.


If that isn’t enough, you can always get another girl of a different hue, body shape, or race if you so desire. BBdoll still sells them as virgins. Check out the latest ones from our best-selling realistic sex dolls or whole doll collection. Buy your realistic sex doll from BBdoll and get it delivered to your doorstep.